"Don’t feel the pressure to have all of the answers"

Lee Pearson - Water Corporation - Signature 2022

“It’s not what you do, it’s how much you enjoy doing it"

Lincoln Elliot - Lexcen Consulting - Rising 2022

"Whoever you are and whatever your story is, your voice matters"

Alyce Schotte - ACON Pride in Diversity - Signature 2022

“Always consider what is important to you and truly enjoy it."

Scott Bryant - Pacific Automation - 2021 Rising Leadership Program

"The magic of Leadership WA truly is the cohort."

Rebecca Fitzpatrick - Holyoake - 2021 Rising Leadership Program

"Reflection is one of the most important practices."

Indira Jayawardena - Department of Finance - 2020 Signature Leadership Program

“It was a massive privilege to spend a year with the 2012 cohort."

Rebecca Tomkinson - Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia - 2012 Signature Leadership Program

"You can’t do anything without a shared vision."

Jysae Hooper - Curtin University - 2020 Rising Leadership Program

"It’s vital to deconstruct siloed approaches."

Michael Taremba - Logistics & Defence Skills Council - 2020 Signature Leadership Program

"I believe as a leader, I’m in the service of others."

Tim Conroy - Infinite Green Energy - 2020 Signature Leadership Program

"Removing judgement makes you a totally different leader."

Joli Mendez - Newmont Australia - 2020 Rising Leadership Program

"I realised the importance of innovation and diversity."

Wilson Casado - Visagio Australia - 2019 Signature Leadership program

"Leadership WA has been an integral part of my growth."

Fadzi Whande - United Nations - 2017 Signature Leadership Program

Leadership WA Signature Program Fadzi Whande

"When you are vulnerable, people respect you more."

Jeremy Piotrowski - Programmed - 2019 Rising Leadership Program

"I learnt that what I really wanted to do was help other people."

Lois Keay-Smith - CAREER WISDOM - 2012 Signature Leadership Program

"A challenge is an opportunity for you to learn."

Ian Rathbone - Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre - 2020 Rising Leadership Program

"It’s so much easier to get behind someone you trust."

Brendan Twine - Qantas - 2018 Signature Leadership Program

"It was one of those turning point experiences."

Ashley Reid - CEO, Cancer Council WA - 2007 Signature Leadership Program

Emma Gibbs

"Witnessing the growth of my cohort over the six months, I know that the future of leadership in WA is diverse, it is authentic, and it is bright."

Emma Gibbs , Rising Leadership Program
Academic Chair and Lecturer Creative Arts Therapies, Murdoch University | 2023 Rising Leadership Program
Perth City

Giving Back to the Community

We are the catalyst for change. We transform leaders into influencers who inspire and motivate others to achieve great things. Our immersive programs instil courage, skills and tenacity in our leaders, giving them the powerful potential to lead transformational social change.

By participating in our Programs, you will have the opportunity to grow your networks, deepen your connections and pay it forward by giving back, extending your leadership influence for the benefit of yourself, your organisation and the Western Australian community.

Our Partners and Supporters

Leadership WA is the successful, well regarded organisation it is today, thanks to the amazing support it receives from our corporate and government partners, as well as host organisations and ‘critical friends’ who each share their time, resources and wisdom with us.

Major Partners

Western Power

Major Partners

Western Power

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