"It’s vital to deconstruct siloed approaches."

For Michael Taremba, the most important parts of good leadership are a perspective of understanding and collaboration. This is particularly important in his role as Project Manager at the Logistics & Defence Skills Council, where he deals with a wide variety of stakeholders from different industries – everything from state government agencies and logistics to transport and aviation.

“Over the years it’s been absolutely vital to deconstruct siloed approaches,” said Michael.

“Doing so allows for cross-pollination of ideas. Despite different perspectives and unique circumstances, many industries have similar challenges, so coming to that area of common understanding is very useful. Once you’re on that common ground, you can address the issues.”

But despite the commonality between industries, valuing different perspectives is important.

“Because you’re dealing with a diverse range of stakeholders, it’s important to listen to and understand different perspectives.”

“Then you can create a platform for people that is solution oriented.”

Michael came to work for the Logistics & Defence Skills Council after the GFC changed his original plans of working for the mining industry. This pivot is illustrative of Michael’s approach to dealing with challenges.

“I approach challenges by constantly revisiting, rethinking, adjusting, and keeping at it.”

Michael likens this adaptive approach to being like a sponge: “you try and absorb as much as you can. Then you process the information and channel it, so it gets heard.”

“You have to be able to be flexible and adaptable enough to roll with the punches.”

“Bringing together lots of stakeholders means you might not get everyone in the room at the same time, so you need to be flexible.”

This emphasis on flexibility extends beyond his own role; it’s important on an industry-level too.

“Our industries are constantly evolving and changing. Initially, when digital disruption began, we thought transport will be the last area to be impacted. Then along came telematics, blockchain, drones and AI.”

Michael was a participant on the 2020 Signature Leadership Program.

“It was absolutely an immersive experience. It gets you to take a second look at things and brings about a whole other level of appreciation for how things can be done.”

“It’s the cross pollination and intertwinement of ideas from industries and sectors outside of your field where one gains amazing insights you wouldn’t have got in any other situation.”