Personal Development Sessions

“Know thyself”

No matter what stage we are at in our career, it can be easy to focus on how we are perceived by our colleagues and managers. But how well do you perceive yourself?

Everyone meets challenges, conflicts, and opportunities differently. By having a greater understanding of how and why you respond, you are better able to perform to your full potential, whether as a manager, team member, or leader.

Our range of Personal Development Sessions are a simple and affordable way to gain a better understanding of how you operate in a professional setting.

HBDI® teaches you how to communicate with those who think the same as you and those who think differently than you.

The world’s leading thinking styles assessment tool, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) is the assessment at the core of Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking approach.

Once you understand your thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved teamwork, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem solving, and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

By using a series of resources, HBDI® will provide you with a brief overview of how you think and how you react under stress

Includes HBDI® psychometric analysis and one 1-hour coaching session: $688 (ex GST) per person

This profiling instrument is specifically designed to take leaders to the next level by examining the Unconscious Motivators® that drive an individual’s actions.

PRINT® is a profiling instrument specifically designed for professionals who want to take their leadership and motivational skills to the next level and obtain the benefits that come with this capability – a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team that can meet its goals with even greater success. PRINT® was created for organisations that place high value in people, invest in their development and strive to maintain a positive culture.

By examining the two categories of Unconscious Motivators® that drive your actions – a Major and Minor Unconscious Motivator – PRINT® enables you to understand why you do things, what you do, say what you say, and think what you think. Using an analysis of an individual’s motivations, of which there are 72 combinations, the tool unlocks those motivators operating on an unconscious level.

Through your PRINT®, you will be shown your unique set of Best Self (positive and productive behaviours) and potential Shadow (negative, unproductive and automatic behaviours) which are the direct results of their Unconscious Motivators at work. By taking conscious command of these insights, and understanding others, your performance can be accelerated to new levels. It is very powerful in affecting real behavioural awareness and change, to increase team cohesion and performance.

Includes PRINT Profiling and one 1 hour intensive debrief session with an Executive Coach: $672 (ex GST) per person

DISC explores your unique combination of behaviours.

The TTI Success Insights® DISC profile is available in several different versions, specifically designed for different applications. Our suite includes reports designed for use in recruitment and selection as well as more comprehensive coaching and development reports. Unlike some of the more primitive DISC models, our DISC assessments provide feedback on all four behavioural factors to truly capture how people are unique at a behavioural level.

The 4 core DISC behaviours measured are:

  • Dominance - How we respond to problems & challenges.
  • Influence - How we respond to people & contact.
  • Steadiness - How we respond to pace & consistency.
  • Compliance - How we respond to procedures & constraints.

DISC Team Reports (also available)

A report designed to explore the behavioural style of a group or team. Using the TTI Success Insights® Wheel, this report places up to 20 people into a single report to better understand the collective behavioural style of a group or team.

Includes individual DISC profiling and one 1-hour coaching session: $768 (ex GST) per person

TTI Emotional Quotient ™ explores your emotional intelligence.

It is often argued that emotional intelligence (EI) is more important to an individual's performance than their IQ. While there are several EI models, they all come back to 4 core concepts.

People with emotional intelligence tend to:

  • Be aware of their own emotional states and the impact they have.
  • Be aware of others' emotional states and the impact they have.
  • Take action to manage or impact their own emotional states for the better.
  • Take action to manage or impact others' emotional states for the better.

TTI Emotional Quotient™ is a 13-page report. This business-friendly EQ profile is a simple, yet powerful emotional intelligence assessment designed to be used by real people to get real results. Descriptions of the five core EQ factors measured are as follows:

  • Self-Awareness - How actively we take our emotional temperature.
  • Self-Regulation - How actively we manage our emotional states in a positive manner.
  • Motivation - How actively we use our emotional energy to move us closer to our goals.
  • Empathy - How actively we observe others' emotional temperature.
  • Social Skills - How actively we manage the emotional states of others

Includes individual EQ profiling and one 1-hour coaching session: $768 per (ex GST) person

Workplace Motivators® explores the question: why do we move into action?

A motivator (or value) is a cluster of beliefs with a similar underlying pattern or idea that we believe to be fundamentally important. Our primary motivators help determine what gives us joy, happiness, energy and purpose — at work and in life.

Our strongest motivators provide us with a continuous source of motivation to seek out their fulfilment. They are also the source of dissatisfaction when they are violated or ignored. When it comes to business partnerships, just as it does with personal relationships, people can overcome basic behavioural differences, but values are the thing that will make or break a relationship.

The Workplace Motivators® profile is a 14-page report. It takes you a step beyond the standard behavioural assessment to dive deeper into the world of personal values. The 6 core Motivators measured are:

  • Theoretical - A drive for knowledge and learning.
  • Utilitarian - A drive for practicality, value and ROI.
  • Aesthetic - A drive for beauty and creative expression.
  • Social - A drive for compassion and helping others.
  • Individualistic - A drive for uniqueness, status and to lead.
  • Traditional - A drive for unity, order and a system for living.

Includes individual Workplace Motivator profiling and one 1-hour coaching session: $768 (ex GST) per person

Our range of Personal Development Sessions are a simple and affordable way to gain a better understanding of how you operate in a professional setting.

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