“Always consider what is important to you and truly enjoy it."

Scott Bryant is the Operations Manager at Pacific Automation, a dedicated employee with a tenure of 13 years, and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work for a business that has experienced sustainably exciting growth, with a focus on employee retention and development. As such, my progression within Pacific Automation has given me the opportunity to experience a range of different roles throughout my career.”

As a senior team member responsible for not only core critical business functions, but the many employees who support the efficacy of these functions, Scott was looking to invest in his leadership capabilities.

“I had identified that I needed some professional development to support me in leading the growing number of direct reports. The Rising Leadership Program stood out to me for its leadership focus. I believe there is a distinct difference between leading and managing, and this Program aligned with the self-development outcomes I was seeking.”

An individual driven by efficiency and change management, Scott was well-aware of his core leadership responsibilities.

“The most satisfying part of my role in operations is supporting other people to do their job to the best of their abilities with tools, hardware, reporting and infrastructure. However, my most important responsibility as a leader is employing the right people, empowering them, listening to them, and giving them the opportunities to grow.”

Scott openly recognises people power as the most complex but important part of any organisation.

“My goal is for my team to work in a place where they not only see, but feel, the value they contribute. Maintaining a sense of belonging for employees and strong team culture in my opinion comes down to transparency, disseminating the direction for the company, and achieving the common goal together.”

Drawing on the communication techniques intrinsic to the Rising Leadership Program, he reflects on the leadership challenges he consistently works to overcome.

“Building trust in communication with my team has been one of my largest priorities, and at times my biggest shortfall. I hold myself to a high standard of work and prefer direct feedback, I have in the past approached situations without consideration of personal preferences. Learning HBDI and the different strategies to communicate with others based on what they best respond to has been incredibly worthwhile, I am a more mindful leader now.”

Scott has been fortunate to have had mentors throughout his leadership journey, who have offered pivotal advice from a place of support in moments lacking self-awareness or the inexperience of youth. Referencing the cohort, he considers the impact of their peer support in his continuing journey.

“The Program gave me the opportunity to be in a room with like-minded leaders who were genuinely seeking to be the best versions of themselves. I now have a group of peers to call on, who have also inspired me to say yes more often to experiences that will support my development.”

Scott’s advice to emerging leaders is two-fold.

“People notice how you go about things, they won’t remember exactly what you said or the outcome, but they will remember how you made them feel.”

“Always consider what is important to you and truly enjoy it. I’m a proud Dad who works at a 50-year old family business that prioritises the happiness and wellbeing of employees – value alignment is of immense importance.”