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No matter your organisation’s size, industry or sector, our Tailored Solutions will deliver a bespoke leadership development program that supports your organisation’s strategic goals.

Tailored Solutions includes an experiential learning methodology which ensures that leadership theory is readily translated into day-to-day practise, resulting in real and sustainable change.

We believe that good leadership begins with the individual, so each of our Tailored Solutions has a strong focus on building awareness of self and the impact that leaders have on those around them. Our work is also strongly values based, so we strive to align your Tailored Solution to your values and the culture you wish to foster within your organisation. After all, a standard program that develops generic leadership competencies is unlikely to suit your specific organisational objectives.

Context is a critical element of successful leadership, and providing it involves equipping leaders with a small group of capabilities that will make a significant difference to performance.” – McKinsey & Company

Each of our Tailored Solutions is exactly that – uniquely tailored to the particular needs of each organisation and its participants. At Leadership WA, we know that for an internal leadership program to be effective, it must carefully combine organisational objectives with the optimal leadership skills and behaviours needed to achieve them.

Indeed, our skilled facilitators will adapt the learning approach as the sessions progress, to ensure each group receives development appropriate for them, dynamically addressing the gaps identified by the organisation. Whilst this requires additional effort from Leadership WA staff, we feel this is an essential approach to creating enduring leadership learning and results.

Leadership WA has a focus on inspiring leaders to have a positive impact not only within their organisations, but also on their communities. This focus is blended into our work to ensure that your leaders are aware of the social impact they can have and are inspired to act.

When considering a Leadership WA Tailored Solution, please consider what Leadership WA is not:

  • A large organisation with several clients whom we are trying to serve at the same time with replicated ‘off-the-shelf’ modules,
  • A university or institution with set courses, pre-programmed assignments, and grades, or
  • Devotees bonded to one leadership development trend, philosophy or mantra. We won’t bring you the latest jargon or fad. We will endeavour to bring a mix of tools and approaches that we know work and are appropriate to the specific needs of your organisation and your people.

We can also adapt your Tailored Solution to a password-protected video communications platform (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc).

We have experience in several diagnostic tools, and we will work with you to determine which is appropriate for your bespoke program. These tools include:

PRINT™ Profiling

This profiling instrument is specifically designed to take leaders to the next level by examining the Unconscious Motivators® that drive an individual’s actions.

HBDI® psychometric analysis

HBDI® teaches you how to communicate with those who think the same as you and those who think differently than you. Once an individual understands his or her thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved teamwork, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem solving, and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

TTI Success Insights® DISC

DISC explores the question of how we prefer to behave and communicate. This tool considers a team member’s Emotional Quotient™. These assessments seeks to avoid pigeonholing people by providing feedback on multiple behavioural factors that truly capture how people are unique at a behavioural level.

Workplace Motivators®

Workplace Motivators® asks why we move into action. The report takes you a step beyond the standard behavioural assessment, diving deeper into the world of personal values and motivations. Understanding people’s motivations is crucial in business partnerships; team members can overcome basic behavioural differences, but motivations and values can make or break a relationship.

Behavioural Intelligence®: A Double Science Assessment

This powerful assessment tool was developed to help overcome a common challenge: while emotional intelligence-based training might be important and interesting, it often lacks tangible actions. By providing feedback on Emotional Intelligence and Behaviours, you can develop emotional intelligence development activities that are well supported by research.

TriMetrix® EQ: A Triple Science Assessment

TriMetrix® EQ provides three perspectives to understand the people we work with: their behavioural style (HOW they prefer to behave and communicate), their personal motivators (WHY they move into action), and their emotional intelligence (DO they actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence). This layered approach provides a framework for people to become more active in applying the principles of emotional intelligence.

360º Tools

A 360º feedback review collects confidential feedback from team members, which helps participants gain a holistic view of their performance at work from the viewpoint of all levels of people who interact with them. It helps them to identify their areas of strength and those areas of performance where they can grow and improve. Our qualified facilitators debrief participants, ensuring they use their feedback to its full capacity and grow as leaders.

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"Leadership WA delivered a high-quality leadership course for PathWest."

Lauren Adams , Tailored Solutions
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