Leadership WA’s vision is 'Courageous leadership shaping a better WA'.

The referendum on the Voice requires courageous leadership at all levels. The Board of Leadership WA celebrates the leadership of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have invited us to walk with them. We can learn much from their example about the power of listening before speaking and are absolutely committed to pausing to hear their voices.

Each of the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns have a responsibility to lead conversations and shared learning opportunities that strengthen the connections that bind us as a community. We urge our alumni and program participants to courageously participate in conversations that empower and build connection, convinced that this is the best and maybe the only way to close the gaps that risk further dividing us.

The decision facing Australians expressed in the referendum question is easily accessible here. There are clearly a range of views, and it takes courage in a heated political debate to listen and reflect before taking the action of expressing our votes.

We encourage all of those who assume leadership responsibilities to exercise the courage to listen, reflect, connect and to act.