Leadership WA is pleased to announce a partnership with ECU and their Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Program. 

"This complementary partnership offers considerable value to our Signature Leadership Program. Continuous learning and development is critical to success. The MBA takes a focus on immersive learning, further expanding the methodologies of leaders in solving critical problems and responding to opportunities." said Dominique Mecoy, Chief Executive Officer, Leadership WA.

Graduates of the Signature Leadership Program from 2020 onwards are invited to further explore and enhance their leadership by pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at ECU.


ECU's (MBA – Course Code J52) curriculum is designed to meet the contemporary leadership needs of the business world, with a holistic approach and a focus on human-centered, transformational leadership.

The ECU MBA equips students with the skills to solve real-world problems, drive value, and foster innovation. Students will benefit from the unique perspectives offered by Australia's only university named after a female champion of social justice and a change leader. By deploying different kinds of analytics, and new ways of thinking learned from experienced practitioners and scholars, MBA students gain the ability to identify problems and opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Additionally, the MBA provides the skills to change mindsets and promote innovative ideas, enabling students to achieve maximum benefits while overcoming resistance.


Signature Leadership Program graduates from 2020 onwards are already halfway to achieving an ECU MBA, being eligible for up to 50% credit towards the MBA program . Upon successful completion of the Signature Leadership Program, graduates will be credited for three core leadership units which form part of the ECU MBA.  This will result in them being halfway through their ECU MBA before they even start!

  • FBL5010 Managing People & Organisations
  • MBA6010 Responsible Management
  • MBA6064 Transformative Leadership

"As more is expected of leaders in an increasingly complex world, it is clear a transformative level of investment in leadership development is needed. ECU's MBA degree, complements the LWA Signature Leadership Program in offering similarly deep immersive learning experiences necessary for the deep learning that leads to personal transformation." said Maryam Omari, Executive Dean, School of Business and Law.