Date: 28 April 2023

Time: 8:00 am

As leaders in WA, it often falls to us as Executive, Board members or Board Chairs, to steer our way through complex moral questions and, last Friday morning, Leadership WA Alumni and Special Guests delved deep into this topic with enthusiasm and candour.

Experienced Board members, Ivy Chen, Kerry Harris, Tony Walsh formed our panel expertly facilitated by Angie Paskevicius. We were challenged to consider both ethical and business considerations in our roles as Board members with independence of thought identified as key to good corporate governance. Key takeaways included find your voice and make it heard, don’t wait for a crisis to create change and be prepared to listen, learn and ask the hard questions.

Our thanks to Ivy, Kerry, Tony and Angie for sharing a fascinating insight into an array of ethical challenges facing Boards and inspiring us to speak up and lead with courage.

And to KPMG for generously hosting this event.