On Thursday 17 February, we were delighted to recognise the exemplary leadership of Dr Nicky Howe (Signature 2016), CEO of Southcare, recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Fellow Award and Dr Richard Walley OAM, recipient of the 2021 Honorary Fellow Award.

Nicky has contributed over a quarter of a century to Government and not-for-profit sectors, driving renowned community change in the areas of employment, education, welfare, health, aged care, and community services. Upon accepting her Award, Nicky gave compelling insights into her leadership journey, her commitment to inclusion, and the challenges she has encountered and surmounted along the way.

“As a Board, we were impressed with the drive and commitment with which Nicky has built the leadership strength and capability of many people across WA,” said Chris Kent, Leadership WA Board Director.

Dr Richard Walley OAM is a highly respected and tireless advocate for the Wadjuk and Noongar people. His impact on WA as a leader is remarkable, and he has been instrumental in invigorating the practice of the modern-day Welcome to Country in Noongar Country, a ceremony that is now commonplace across Australia. Richard is a consultant to both government and corporate agencies where he is engaged to provide cultural advice, awareness, and learnings.

“Richard has had a lengthy relationship with Leadership WA, providing cultural insights and learnings for many of our participants and Alumni. He has long been a source of guidance and counsel for us,” said Chris.

We warmly congratulate Dr Nicky Howe and Dr Richard Walley for their deserved recognitions.