Date: 31 May 2023

We welcomed our LeadAbility Graduates and Signature and Rising Alumni to a special consultation experience - “Reforming WA’s Disability Legislation – Have your Say”. The WA Disability legislation was last reviewed 30 years ago and so this created an excellent opportunity for them to have direct input into the Department of Communities WA current legislative review process.

All of our Leadership WA Graduates are known for having a strong voice on the issues and opportunities that matter to West Australians. As some of the most insightful people in the state, they are driven to think and act with a sense of purpose.

This diverse group brought informed and insightful perspectives, through their lived experience or experience working in the sector. Leadership WA will now provide this input as a submission to the Consultation process.

Our thanks to everyone who participated and to the Department of Communities for their ongoing and outstanding support for Leadership WA and what we do.

We were happy to return that support with the individual and collective wisdom of our community.